1989 Ford Mustang State Trooper Replica

Sadly, none of that stuff works – directly down to the rear way light, the red lights in back and the inside rigging; the promotion says that “according to New York controls, all Ford production line lights function as they should, however none of the police ‘stuff’ works,” additionally expressing that it’s “not snared and for show as it were.” The advertisement likewise noticed the Mustang is precisely the same (“N7 – Dark Shadow Blue”) as the New York State Troopers requested for their Mustangs in 1989.

All things considered, the Mustang itself isn’t correct: It’s only a standard, regular citizen issue Mustang that has been as of late changed over to a squad car by an enthusiast; truth be told, it was sold new in Virginia Beach and has had a few proprietors. At the present time, it’s offered by a private dealer in provincial Cortland, New York, for $16,900.

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