Video 1985 GMC Van-Truck Mashup

The outcome is this is a van (in view of the front third), a place to rest (the following third), and a hauler – and the vender has a few photographs in the posting of this van pulling a bike, and with slopes down so you can drive something into the bed. The merchant additionally takes note of this van-truck is “set up to pull a bike or a quad and to get gone and STAY gone for whatever length of time that coveted.” The vender likewise says he purchased the van-truck in a disregarded state in 2006 and performed broad repairs to make them run appropriately – and I should state, it’s really pleasant. It would seem that it’s fit as a fiddle, the inside looks incredible, and the outside doesn’t look excessively worn.

Lamentably, the mileage of the van-truck is obscure; the vender says he got it with 50,000 miles, yet he’s recorded it with around 15,000, and the Carfax report proposes it had officially secured 100,000 miles by 1999. Despite the genuine mileage, however, this is a cool chance to claim a vehicle that can do a few unique errands across the board – and in the event that you’ve at any point needed to pull around your quad without a trailer and rest in the back of your van, you can’t let me know there are numerous more choices other than this.

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