Suzuki Celerio Review


Space and common sense

Suzuki Celerio front space

For such a little auto, the Celerio is shockingly open in the front. There’s a lot of head room and the seats slide back sufficiently far to oblige those with long legs.

There are a couple of little cubbies specked about the front portion of the lodge – in the entryway armrests, before the gearstick and between the front seats – and the glovebox isn’t excessively pokey. There are additionally several cupholders before the gearlever. The principle entryway receptacles are fairly thin, however, so don’t hope to fit much in them.

Suzuki Celerio raise space

SZ3 and SZ4 variants of the Celerio can in fact situate five individuals (strangely, SZ2 models have only two back safety belts), however unless the three in the back are to a great degree slim, they just won’t fit. Along these lines, it’s greatly improved to think about the Celerio as a four-seater, and soon thereafter it’s in reality truly spacious by city autos models.

There’s more back head room than you’ll discover in numerous adversaries and a shockingly liberal measure of knee room, as well.

The entryway pockets aren’t gigantic, yet are etched such that they can safely hold a jar of fizzy drink or a little container of water, leaving enough space for a couple of incidentals. SZ4 models likewise get a seatback take on the front traveler situate.

Suzuki Celerio seating adaptability

All Celerios accompany 60/40 split-collapsing back seats; you essentially pull a rope, push the seatback forward and it drops down onto the seatbase. Similarly as with most city autos, however, the back seats don’t do anything astute, for example, sliding or leaning back.

There’s no choice of a stature flexible traveler situate, either, nor movable lumbar help.

Suzuki Celerio boot space

The Celerio has a substantial boot by city auto measures; more than in most different opponents. A couple of packs of shopping or a few little bags will fit effectively and the state of the heap straight is helpfully square.

There’s a genuinely enormous lip at the passageway to the boot, however, which is an agony to arrange when stacking or emptying overwhelming things. Collapsing down the back seats likewise leaves a major advance in the floor of the broadened stack zone; adversaries, for example, the Volkswagen Up have a false floor to get around this issue.


Cost and decision

Suzuki Celerio running expenses

The Celerio is one of the least expensive new autos at a bargain today, undermining opponents, for example, the Kia Picanto and Volkswagen Up. Rebates are generally little, however you ought to have the capacity to get a couple of hundred pounds off the cost on the off chance that you wrangle hard with your Suzuki merchant.

As you’d expect, running expenses are additionally reasonably minor. All adaptations emanate under 100g/km of CO2 so meet all requirements with the expectation of complimentary street impose and modest advantage in-kind assessment bills. The Dualjet form is especially effective, directing out under 85g/km, yet it isn’t generally justified regardless of the additional expense.

The non-Dualjet 1.0-liter manual Celerio dealt with a great 57.8mpg when gone for our True MPG certifiable efficiency analyzers – a superior outcome than opponents, for example, the Skoda Citigo and Vauxhall Viva.

Be that as it may, the Celerio is in a generally high protection gather for an auto of this size and power, so isn’t perfect for youthful and recently qualified drivers. You can likewise hope to lose more cash in deterioration than with adversaries, for example, the Citigo – this merits contemplating on the off chance that you switch autos at regular intervals.

Suzuki Celerio hardware

All releases accompany a DAB radio and a CD player, however it’s frustrating that you have to advance up to SZ3 trim to get a USB port and Bluetooth. With SZ3, you likewise get combinations and air-con, while extend topping SZ4 gets raise electric windows and body-hued electrically movable entryway mirrors, front foglights and the choice of the programmed gearbox, however a shading touchscreen isn’t accessible on any trim, nor is sat-nav.

The nature of the sound framework is entirely tinny, even in the SZ4 display, which has four speakers. It’s even less amazing in the two-speaker SZ2 and SZ3.

All things considered, autos in this class aren’t normally very much prepared, particularly in section lev